Cork Supreme Hybrid II padeli reket


Edasijõudnud kuni professionaalse mängija padeli reket

Product description

Cork Supreme II padeli reket on kujundatud kõrgtasemeliseks võistluseks ja on mõeldud tehniliselt kõrgelt arenenud mängijatele.

It’ higher percentage of carbon, gives Supreme IIs a more rough touch wich allows players to have way more defen- sive control of their game and allows the racket to have a bigger level of potency. Yet, Supreme IIs maintain the excelency of confort and low vibrations that every Cork racket has. Always, with Cork Padels exclusive anti-vibra- tion system.

The Supreme Hybrid II was built to unite every trait into one single racket, combining control, potency, durability and handling.

The gum in the center of the racket has a unique and innovative technology, a semi-drilled cross. This semi -drilled cross in the center translates into a controlled output with a wide and controlled sweet spot, removing the trampoline effect when defending and giving greater power in the defense moment. It has a new cap technology that further reduces vibrations derived from its softer composition and its oval shape for better grip versatility.

Weight: 351-370 gr

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