I use the equipment below

PadelSport is a company established in 2022 that offers high-quality Padel rackets and equipment. Our aim is to ensure maximum comfort for all players and to offer products that last for years. At PadelSport, you will find suitable products for players of every level - from beginners to advanced players.

How did I come to play Padel?
My name is Diana Legušs, and I am the head and coach of the Padel+ women's training sessions. I started with Padel in 2018, acquainting myself with various Padel techniques and movements. I have also obtained a first-level coaching certificate.

Enne padeli juurde jõudmist tegelesin tennise, lauatennise ja squashiga, viimase puhul olen ka 4 korda Eesti Meister. Täna on minu põhirõhk naiste padelitreeningutel. Olen padeli 1x Eesti Meister.